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Receive feedback for your website, app or prototype in minutes for free.



Over 80% of product owners don't test their apps and websites with users. Find out what users really think about your app, website or prototype. Collect actionable insight from real users in minutes with zero code required.


Get actional feedback, and identify powerful UX insights you otherwise wouldn't have necessarily found.


A simple and affordable solution. We believe user testing should be for the many and not just the few.


Get a release readiness score so you can gauge when your products ready to ship.

User tester profiles

Recruit and connect with our vetted team of user testers via their public profiles and find the ideal candidate in minutes. Our team of user testers have been carefully selected to focus on demographic diversity.

One dashboard for all
your research

Find all your user research tests in one place from your personal dashboard. View your results in one click and compare your results with past tests in seconds.


Get early access to some of the latest digital products, enhance your testing skills and create your own public user testing portfolio.


Get early access to the latest tech products and become an early adopter.


Create your public portfolio and sell your own professional services in the BetaTesta marketplace.


Use your expertise in a particular field to help others and earn rewards in the process.

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Every product starts with a story and we are no exception. With over 5 years of experience building tech startups we feel we are in a great position to tackle this problem and create a new solution. Follow us on the journey.

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